Sunday, September 20, 2020

We Work with Apollo, So Buy Our Products!

These two ads from the September 12, 1969 issue of Time are only two of the myriads of self-pufferies by many of the companies which either provided tech or advice to Apollo ... or companies which, like the "official sponsors" of sports teams nowadays, bought their way in.
Now, General Dynamic has a valid trumpet to toot.
Rand McNally is more of a stretch, although they did print (in 1968) an "official" map of the moon, which I'll share in due time.

See you next Monday with something mundane or momentous, but definitely of lunar importance! 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

TV Guide Covers Viewers' Reaction to the Moon Landing

From the August 27, 1967 TV Guide:

An ad from the same issue:
The films were not seen on TV because in 1969 we saw only video from the cameras pre-prepared for video uplink to Earth.  Armstrong and Aldrin took film in their own mission cameras.

Here are some more Moon letters from the next week's issue, on August 3rd:
See you next Monday for more lunar enlightenment, fellow Moon mavens!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Who's Covering the Apollo 11 Trip

These scans are all from the July 13, 1969 Tulsa World.
Note the faded headline, "Eyes on the Moon."

Across the top are the Apollo 11 astronauts.  Center left is Walter Cronkite of CBS.  Top right are Huntley, Brinkley, and Frank McGee of NBC.  Bottom right is NOT an ABC broadcaster, but a science advisor.  Hmmm ...
Above is just a filler.

Above is the article which accompanied the big spread of the newsmen's photos.  "A Lot of the Moon on TV" is the faded headline.

That's all for this week, moon buddies!  See you next Monday!  Tell your friends about the hundreds of images comin' out one week at a time, every Monday!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Our Journey Begins!

I was twelve years old in July 1969.  Like most American kids, I was surrounded by the impetus of our nation's race into space.  And I was thrilled that mankind's journey to the Moon would happen in my lifetime!
I assembled a scrapbook.
And my (still) unironic self created a heroic splash page!

Besides the dozens of articles glued into its construction-paper pages, I have another couple of dozen newspaper clippings just TOO BIG to cut-and-paste into the scrapbook.  Most of my sources were the Examiner-Enterprise of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and the Tulsa World.

We've also got some multi-page excerpts from newsmagazines like Time, Newsweek, and Life.

Not everything is limited to Apollo.  There'll be some considerations of space shuttles and other planets, too -- all as covered by the news outlets of the time.
With over 100 images to share, I promise to make one new post every Monday, until I run out!  (That's MOON-DAY for us Baby Boomers!)  These posts will not be made in chronological sequence.

Thanks to the immortality of the interwebs, folks a zillion Moon-Days from now will be able to appreciate the awe, the grandeur, and sometime silliness of America's dash to the Moon ... and a few steps beyond.

Like the human condition, there's human interest, science, and tomfoolery in these here images.  That's humanity for ya!

See you next Moon-Day.